Friday, May 29, 2009


where do you go,
where does it stop,
when the beginning is the end?
what is the point,
pointed at you,
with a line drawn through it?
is it a hill you don’t wanna climb?
hiking up hesitation
sliding back down
creating a path
although you never even knew it.

It has been far too long.

I am miles away from where I want to be and who I want to be. I'm walking blindly through a season of life in which I need to be acutely sensitive to God. I'm stuck in a cycle of hell that spins me endlessly through apathy and longing to no avail. God please save me.


I feel.

Something is wrong with me. I can't see it. I can see its effects but I'm missing it. I haven't been myself lately. Yet at the same time I've been more Thomas than I ever have been before. Why is my heart so freaking capricious?

I am fickle and unstable in all of my ways, prone to trust a photograph or a chemical before lending my decisiveness to an authority that could actually command my joy and happiness, bringing them out in my life to my joy and others' benefit.
A selfish heart keeps all.

My heart is so capricious. I hate it with every gut inside of me. I hate what it causes me to do or feel or think. And when it controls my life, my life becomes capricious.

God how can I escape this downward cycle that I am in? How do I get away from my feelings, escape my emotions and the effects they have on my life? I feel chained to it all, strapped down and bonded.

My heart is so capricious.

Today, I went to school for the last time. Last regular day of high school. I don't feel it, of course not. But I'm starting to. And I'm starting to think that I don't really know what to do with myself. Change is hard for me, it takes a lot of emotional response and scene-setting for me to feel like my inner compulsions are satisfied.

My heart is so capricious. I say that everything is horrible, yet I feel more alive and happier at times than ever before. I get high off of either Jesus or circumstance, and I'm pretty darn sure it's circumstance because a high off of Jesus doesn't wear off.

Everything is horrible because it isn't. My life is defined by circumstance. Who I'm around is who I love. What happens during the day is how I feel. And where I am is who I am.

But it's about time for the turning point...

Whether I've enough time to spend with God these days or not, thisiknow: He transcends me. He does. I should stop making a big deal out of small issues. I should start trusting Him to take care of everything instead of stressing and worrying. He knows me, and His light's gonna lead me home. I have been too far gone from His arms of love. This happens every time, but I'm gonna get off now. I've gone way past my stop and I think I'd rather walk from here. Hoping that the subway would come around my block again was a naive hope, a faded dream left back on two-hundred-fourteenth street. I should stop believing that lie. Sitting and waiting for life to change, for circumstance to throw me into the arms of love is ultimate cowardice and foolishness. So now that I'm far away, I'll walk with You. No matter how far it is to get to where I need to be, now I walk with You Lord.

Funny how much of an emphasis I let music have in my life. It can control me very easily if I let it. But God transcends me. He is so much Higher. So by some coincidence He chooses to use this beautiful gift to guide me and nudge me in the proper direction, giving me inspiration and peace through words and melodies.

And through words and melodies I shall relate back to Him, singing out my love till my lungs give out, letting Him know that I'm trusting Him, that as of May 29th, I SET MY HEART ON YOU! Let it be known.

Sometimes a little love is all it takes to make a difference. I hope that the little love I have right now will carry me as high as I need to go...or as far away from this train as I can get.

Dear God,

I can't bear to look at you. I've been walking in darkness, only seeking you when it would directly benefit me or serve my selfish needs. I've been so LAZY God! How can I neglect to spend time with the one I KNOW will change me and make it all better? How could I say no to you so many times? Oh God I am sorry! I don't want to keep you at a distance, I don't want to feel like I have to do something in order for you to come close, can you please just sit here with me and look at me? Tell me I'm clean. Tell me I'm pure. And I promise I won't stay this way, I promise I'll get up and walk behind you. It's hard for me to throw down my agenda, but I'll do it this time - and all the rest. Oh GOD I know You're worth it. You, it, THIS is worth it all. Let change, let your Love flood my heart so I know that I'm not mistaken. Give me more of yourself. Drain my life of Thomas James Wilson, take all of him out of the equation. I pray that you integrate every part of yourself, and take the derivative and every single variable out of the equation until only YOU remain. The constant. Christ in me. Let me not grow weary or numb, but forgive me and wash me clean. When I can't feel you, I will seek you just the same, I WILL. God forgive me, wash me clean, please. I just want you. All this time, I realize, I've ever only wanted you. So could you please give yourself to me? I'll do anything.

I love you.

Here I stand, arms open wide.
I am yours, and You are mine.