Friday, November 26, 2010

A Concept of a Concept of God

First, watch this:

Did you catch the idea that these guys are running with?

"He doesn't want to be a concept to you, He wants to be your father."

God as a concept. How long have we viewed HIM like this? It's funny, because we Americans all have or still do, and yet refer to HIM as HE. I think I'm realizing more and more each day, each month, and each year that God is. He is a being outside of my control, objective to what I believe, and set apart from my thoughts about who He is. I have lived under a deceived state of mind for too long believing (in the back of my mind and in the deeper parts of myself) that if I decided not to believe in Him then He wouldn't exist. How selfish. How typical of a human, and an American human at that - that I would go so far as to say that I decide whether God exists, and His realness is dependent on me. The world does not revolve around me, and I'm finally seeing it clearer.

He is real - no doubts there now. But He is also a person. Though one can hardly refer to Him as such; infinite, everlasting, omniscient, omnipotent. Who is this King of Glory indeed?

Man so what in the world - my actions can affect our relationship. Just like a human relationship! Not talking to Him for a while creates a sense of distance! Who would've thought!

Today marks the 6th day that I haven't had a full, good, rich time alone with Him. That's a long time. That sort of distance is huge between two who are in such an intimate relationship, not to mention the fact that Biblically He's been wanting to hang out with me non-stop and half the time I've ignored it. Not to say there haven't been parts of the past few days where we've talked or hung out a bit. But not much.

If I view Him as He is - a 'person', I must see that I'm not the center in our relationship and that I should not determine how much or little we will talk or hang out. If anyone should it's Him. I love what Jimmy Seibert says, that we're like a married couple, in which two imperfect people must change to adapt to each other, except in this case, He's perfect, so we're the only ones needing adjusting! I need a lot of adjusting. I have faults that cannot be cured but by time with Him. He changes me. How convenient. Thank you God.

Thank you God that you are the alpha and omega - that you made me, and that you'll have the final say in my life too.
Thank you God that my life and who I am does not depend on me but on you, and I know that I can trust you.
Thank you God that although every good thing I come up with is as a dirty rag to you, you give me YOUR righteousness.
It's outside of my control and you know what? I'm completely okay with that. You have YOUR way, I won't have MINE.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am getting inspiration from United Pursuit's new cd live at the banks house...I really think it would be absolutely awesome and sick to do something very similar. Collaborate with a few other musicians and get some songs together. Really the key would be to get the right percussion and string elements right. Not to have too much but to have some unique sounds. Acoustic guitar, simple & clean electric guitar, piano (preferably real), violin, cello if possible, some kind of drums (maybe a ride, high hat, low tom, and snare?), more percussion stuff - tambourine, shakers, woodblocks, random objects - djembe, harmonica, accordion, mandolin, banjo, xylophone. brass or woodwind instruments maybe. french horn...trumpet...clarinet or flute. I'm thinking outside of the box a bit. some kind of bells?

Write new songs, revamp old ones, and do a few normal ones. Get a set-list. practice once or maybe twice. encounter god. as much or as little music as it takes. maybe it would be a capella for a while. who knows!

Maybe all of this could happen eventually, but to get SOMETHING started would be crucial. A few nights with just acoustic and maybe 1-3 other elements. we'll see.